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Are you ready to recruit?

What HR Managers should ask hiring managers

A recent blog post on Fistful of Talent got me thinking – do HR Managers ask the question of hiring managers, are you ready to recruit? It’s an interesting point, especially as according to the CIPD 3 out of 4 hires for businesses are wrong and 65% of FTSE 100 HR Directors would not rehire their current workforce.

This isn’t a budget question or questioning whether a hiring manager is good at their job but more around whether they know how to spot and hire great talent. First of all, can you interview candidates? Simple question but a valid one – handing over a list of questions is a terrible idea. It’s about digging into the lives of the candidate and understanding key elements of not only their background but their skills, ability, flaws, work ethic and personality. This is an art and hiring managers need to be trained on how to do this as effectively as possible.

Secondly, have you ever managed someone who is more experienced or a higher performer than yourself? This is a great question that Andy Porter identifies in the Fistful of Talent article and is very valid. There are plenty of hiring managers who are insecure about being ‘shown-up’ by a direct report and of course we feel a natural human need to compete with each other so, can you put all of this aside to surround yourself with incredibly talented people who can push you further and excel above you in some areas?

Another key question is, do you actually know what you’re looking for? In a fast paced world with the constant need for fresh and diverse skills, hiring managers are constantly changing their mind about what they want in a candidate (a frustration for recruitment agencies and HR Managers alike!). Tough to manage but nevertheless crucial. It’s important to consult with them on this point and to really discuss and guide them through this part of the process as a wrong hire can be incredible costly.

Lastly, can you make tough decisions? Can you get rid of the wrong people and manage that process? It’s a tough place to be but the wrong hire can cost the business greatly. Here are a couple incredible stats that will really bring this point to life:

  • £24 billion a year is spent on managing poor performers
  • A single mis-hire costs a UK PLC 4 to 14 times the base salary!

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