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How Offering Internships can Enhance your Brand & Fuel Growth

21st century interns can have a huge impact to not only a business, but also a brand. Whilst the war for talent is high, so are the levels of unemployment – about 1.5 million, or 54% of bachelor degree-holders under 25 were un or underemployed in 2012 (thanks This paradox has a simple solution that not only helps this young hungry generation, but also employers – internships. Here’s 4 ways interns can positively impact your brand and growth:

-Interns bring energy and fresh thinking to the office environment/culture

-Interns can take pressures off the team by completing more basic tasks

-Engaging with the social media generation (employer branding / creating brand ambassadors)

-Creating talent pools and engaging (and shaping) future team members

Whilst interns do bring energy and can help with critical (and remedial) tasks, the real value is in points 3 & 4. Interns can act as extremely powerful brand ambassadors, as today’s 20-somethings are the social media generation – nobody knows blogging, tweeting and pinning like them! Their social value can be twofold by either (a) utilising this social ability to develop your brand / social presence / engage with the younger generation and/or (b) they will channel positive messages about you and your brand (assuming you provide them with a great experience!) through their own social vehicles developing your employer brand exponentially.

Secondly, interns can be an effective way of creating talent pools for either the immediate or longer-term. By successfully promoting your internship programme (be it through social media or on campus promotion) even those who don’t actually intern for you know about you – this promotion can significantly enhance an SMEs brand and employer brand, and ultimately can be a key catalyst in fuelling growth.

Bamboo Crowd know how to create effective intern programs that are valuable, effective and beneficial – get in touch with us to discuss how we can incorporate internships into your recruitment strategy.

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