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Going beyond a tagline – why you need to think strategically about your EVP

The Employer Value Proposition is often overlooked by businesses, particularly by small-to-medium size companies.  Although you may not have given it much thought, your business has an employer brand and ultimately is perceived a certain way both internally and externally.  How you get your message out is hugely vital to attract the right people and also to keep them.

So how do we tackle this subject with clients?

The process to figuring out your EVP and implementing it is actually quite simple.  Firstly you really need to understand internal and external factors – what is the managements vision and goals, what is your current strategy, what are the perceptions of your business, what is your branding, and how are your competitors positioning themselves.  Next you need to decide on how your EVP will look based on this research. Key things to consider are career development, work/life balance, CSR, messaging, branding but the list goes further than that. Finally you need to activate and deliver your message from recruitment process to exit stage, and that goes as deep as how you position your job ads to how you conduct appraisals.

Key things to take into account:

– Create great benefits – attracting and retaining good people and having great employee perks go hand-in-hand.  Whether its financial, personal, or even employee-specific rewards, they add a lot to the workplace experience.

– Get your message out there – once you know what the message is you need to promote it. Find creative and relevant ways to communicate to the people that you want to join your business. Consistently communicating a convincing and exciting EVP through PR, marketing, and branding will really help drive activity within the passive parts of the candidate market.

– Define your brand and then build a proposition around it – once you understand what your vision and message is, it becomes easier to develop a strong EVP around it. For instance if you’re big on CSR then it may make sense to have ride-to-work schemes, health and wellbeing perks, and green initiatives to attract the right people.  Recent research shows that aligned organisations (where the internal values of the business match the way they operate externally) leads to 38% less absenteeism and 18% more productivity.

– Keep it unique, relevant and compelling – this is crucial to attract the right people. What you must avoid is having a very generic EVP that hasn’t been given much thought. Developing a strong and credible EVP is tough but it’s worth committing to.

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