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Interviewing – A Two-Way Game

Interviewing prospective candidates is arguably the most important part of the recruitment process, however it’s an area that often receives little thought. It’s no secret that interviewing is a skill. A skill that is both learnt with experience and through sufficient planning.

From a clients perspective the aim of the game is to assess the candidate and unearth their skills and culture fit. Sounds about right, but a vital ingredient is missing… Interviewers need to think about what the candidate wants, which seems equally obvious, but is often forgotten, and notably in first interviews. As with first dates, first impressions really do matter. Asking a candidate to talk through their CV implies you haven’t really read it, and quite frankly it’s a little tedious. The best use of this time is to pick on key projects they have worked on asking them to talk beyond their CV. In addition to this, a good recruitment partner can really add value here – assuming they understand your business and have been properly briefed – as they can pin-point key strengths and weaknesses for the interviewer to talk through.

Giving something back. 

A key part of the interview, probably 25-30%, should be about the interviewer selling in the company, culture and why it’s a great place to work. In doing so, candidates naturally become more engaged in the process, and ultimately with the company and opportunity. A secondary effect is that this positive impression is shared within their network – whether they get the job or not – thus positively impacting on your employer brand.

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