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Why you should be hiring entrepreneurs

In a time where innovation is an extremely overly used buzzword (and often in the wrong context!), businesses need to look at one area of the talent marketplace that’s often been avoided – entrepreneurs!

Those highly motivated, self-starters are surely way too hard to manage right? Wrong! Most entrepreneurs want to lead but also know how to follow and many of the most successful technology businesses have hired entrepreneurs to help launch new products and services, grow divisions, and help innovate stale areas of the business and to great success.

Entrepreneurs are passionate and will have key industry knowledge of your marketplace. They’ll be more active in acquiring more information that can add value and will likely do much of this in their own time.  They’ll also understand the importance of seeing the big picture – they’ll bring ideas, creativity, and show real drive to add value and push business growth.

Other key traits entrepreneurs have is flexibility and fearlessness plus the ability to take risks and to learn from mistakes.  They also know how to embrace change – whether good or bad – and these are traits that are valuable for any business that takes innovation seriously.

But be cautious

Hiring entrepreneurs can also be a huge risk if you don’t understand how to best work with entrepreneurs.  Without a clear vision and mission nor an effective outlet for creativity and idea generation then you can find that your new hire will end up working on their own ideas – on your time.

Richard Branson described these people as intrapreneurs – people who want to pursue a vision, develop new opportunities and drive new projects.

Although this article discusses entrepreneurs as new hires, look into your own business and try to spot the “entrepreneurs” that exist right there under your nose – vying for that opportunity to help your business innovate. Otherwise they’re more than likely going to be your next competitor.

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