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Writing a job description that stands out and why so many hiring managers get this wrong

Ready to hire? Amazing! Then it’s time to get thoughts to paper and really note down what you’re looking for.  Here’s where so many go wrong – they go too long! Some onto about 12 pages with incredibly repetitious descriptions of basically the same thing. Why is this so wrong? For a start it can be off-putting to candidates and can eventually be a laundry list of requirements, most of which don’t all exist in one person.  It’s vital to keep things simple to allow a bit of flexibility and agility in the recruitment process.


Keep this short – you’ll need to include the job title, the aim of the role (or mission), and a couple of key responsibilities.

About you

Often a section left out but a nice, punchy paragraph about the company, vision and culture can be a great way to start things of before going into the actual role itself.

Key responsibilities

Basically what is this person going to be doing day-to-day.  Use engaging words to instil interest. For example, instead of saying you’ll  manage a team say, you’ll be leading a team.  We’d say that this section doesn’t need to be much longer than a couple of paragraphs but make sure to include some of the responsibilities and key tasks.

What you’re looking for

Here’s where things can get out of control – as a general rule keep this section down to five to 10 (absolute maximum!) bullet points of skills, competencies, strengths, styles, experiences, accomplishments and experience required for this role.

Salary and benefits

Some don’t include this and honestly it’s not hugely necessary, however in a transparent age it’s usually worth being up-front and eliminating the candidates who are well out of price range.  Make sure to have a range and also make sure to describe any perks and benefits alongside the salary as these can be a huge selling point (sometimes more so than salary!).

Call to action

Make sure to lead details on how the candidate should apply.

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