How To Answer That Dreaded Interview Question

We asked candidates what their least favourite interview question was and unsurprisingly it was “tell me about yourself”.  Strangely enough, outside of the interview environment, most of us could probably answer this question quite easily but put on the spot with no preparation can leave you frantically scrabbling for any bits of information to put together.

First things first, remember this is an elevator pitch. A great rule is Present / Past / Future,  What are your doing at present, what about your past could fit this position and why this role and company is of particular interest to your future.

Make sure to make this personal and also to describe it as a story.  For instance there’s no need to reel off your entire CV when describing your past. You could describe a situation in the past that led you to this role specifically.

Finally keep it short – no more than a minute otherwise you risk losing their attention. Make the key points, paint the picture and then move on.

Good luck!

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