Three Steps to have an amazing first day at work

Instead of telling you what to wear or what to have for breakfast (there are plenty of guides on that!), here are three key tips that will really help you have a positive first day at your new job.

1. Introduce yourself 

Sounds obvious right? But really take this point seriously and meet everyone. Say hello to new people in the kitchen, in the lift, the corridors – this will pay dividends in the end. In fast-paced cultures people won’t come to you, you’ll have to go to them. We would even go as far as adding people on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn (avoid Facebook for now!).

2. Be ready to learn

Show enthusiasm and spend most of that first day listening and understanding the culture. Read up on the company before you start and even invite future employees to lunch (many businesses will arrange this for you). Learn the names of the people you’ll be working with and spend that first week really listening, speaking to, and asking questions to people in the office – showing curiosity will really speed up the process of getting embedded into a new company.

3. Get organised

If you’ve taken on more responsibility then split up your tasks effectively. If you’ve taken on more management duties then you need to learn how to delegate. Think about what you’re going in to do and recognise the challenges you’ll face. Thinking about these things during your first day will really dictate how you enter a business and move forward successfully within it.

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