How to know when it’s time to find a new job

We’ve all been there – you’re sure there’s something wrong with your job but you can’t put your finger on what it is. Ultimately you’re not motivated and you think you need to leave but how do you know when to make the change?

Hopefully these motivations should help you decide whether now is the right time to make the jump.

You’re not being challenged

This is a very common reason to leave your role. Perhaps your tasks and responsibilities are easy for you or you don’t feel you’re growing in the current role. Perhaps you don’t feel there are enough challenges you need to overcome on a daily basis. Not being challenged will often result in you feeling bored and resentful.

You’re not paid enough or you can’t move to the next level

Pay is a big motivator for a new role – everyone wants to be paid more. However if you feel you’re not being paid fairly for the amount of hours and work you do then now’s the time to think about the next step.

You’re not appreciated

Appreciation at work is often undervalued by line managers. Many people are motivated by praise. If your performance improves or exceeds expectations, if you don’t feel rewarded for great work and you’re largely unrecognised for what you contribute then resentment can very quickly grow.

You disagree with the vision or direction the company is going in

This is a fundamental issue – if your company perhaps has different values to you or perhaps you don’t gel with the culture or the other people in the business then this can lead to massive unhappiness at work and can make your job a lot harder. It’s time to think about going somewhere that shares your passion and matches your personality.

You don’t like what you do

This is often a problem that’s very hard to solve within your current company and all the previous motivations to leave actually feed quite strongly into this. Perhaps the reason you’re not challenged, you feel you’re not paid enough or appreciated, and that you disagree with the vision and culture is that you don’t like what you do. If you’re not excited about work then it’s time to think about where your passions truly lie and find a new path.

No matter what your reason is to leave, always think about ways to make it better. Perhaps a conversation with a line manager or even a project or start up on the side can really help unlock new opportunities.

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