How to: hand in your notice

Handing in your notice is, for some people, one of the scariest parts of the recruitment process. Maybe you’ve never quit a job before or perhaps you feel you haven’t been at your current company long enough. We’re going to make things less daunting for you in three very easy steps.

Before we get started it’s important to make sure everything’s in order with your new role, i.e. you’ve negotiated your salary, received an offer letter or contract, and have accepted the role in writing.

Step 1: Be clear about why you’re leaving

This is an important part of the process. Think about why you started the job search in the first place. Look at the pros and cons and really look at what you’re leaving versus where you’re going. The conclusions you come to in your own mind will really help shape the rest of the process.

Step 2: Don’t burn any bridges

First things first – go straight to your line manager before telling fellow co-workers and make sure to hand in your notice in-person, not email or phone (as tempting as that might be!). Make sure to be prepared for the conversation (step 1 will help formulate your reasons for leaving and help to deal with objections).

In terms of preparation think through the following questions:

– Will you be counter offered? How will you deal with this? What’s the salary level or changes needed to make you stay? Think back to those motivations for leaving in step 1.

– Can you stay longer if asked? It’s always good to be flexible but equally make sure this is something that can be done and not something that will make things tricky with your new company.

Ultimately make sure to be clear, calm, and precise about why you’re leaving – it’s important to not burn any bridges as you never know, you might end up going back one day!

Step 3: Get everything in order

Write a formal resignation letter – keep this brief and professional. No need to explain anything here, just state you’re leaving (not why you’re leaving) and when your last day will be.  Over the next few weeks make sure to stay motivated and plan your departure. If appropriate, help them find a replacement or write a job description – it’s best to be as helpful as possible during this period.

We hope that helps and congrats on the new role! .

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