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Interviewing techniques 5 amazing questions to ask

We’ve collected some great questions to ask candidates that will ensure you’re hiring absolute stars

What’s been your biggest accomplishment, and your biggest failure?

Why we like it: We’re actually more interested by the biggest failure part of this question. Every business wants to hire winners, but it’s the people that have lost big and found a way to overcome and learn from these obstacles that bring real value to an organisation.

What are you passionate about? 

Why we like it: This isn’t about what they get up to at weekends but more about what gets them up in the morning. What keeps them getting through the day and why they want to do what they do.  The best people you can hire are the ones that are passionate about their day jobs and the purpose of the interview is finding out if they share the same passions and values as the business.

What is one thing you would instantly change about this business? 

Why we like it: You want creative thinkers, people that have ideas and opinions. Give clues here – it can be something they’ve seen on the website, the way they were greeted at reception, or even the fact that noone offered them a glass of water. We’re all constantly thinking and judging situations – this is about getting them to express their ideas and opinions in a high pressure environment.

How do you manage your time when you’re flooded with work?

Why we like it: Ask anyone what their biggest weakness is and nine times out of ten it’ll be time management. The best hires are the ones that can think strategically about how they manage their time, can stick to tasks, and overcome high workloads.

What business would you love to start?

Why we like it: Everyone has a bit of entrepreneurship inside them and usually the businesses they’d love to start are the ones that sit closely to their hearts. This question tells you a lot about what they’re all about and what their motivations are. Also, if the business they’d love to start isn’t too distant from the one they’re actually joining then it’s a win-win (just make sure that their answer is genuine!).

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