The job hunt: when to start?

Many would say there’s no time like the present to find that next job, but, for those interested in knowing, there are certain times of the year when your chances of securing that ideal role are much greater.

So what month really is the best?

In our opinion, and from the statistics, we’ve seen the month to be searching might be December. We know what you’re thinking, that’s rather convenient given we’re in the run up to Christmas! We know what it looks like, but here are 3 reasons why – this year – December could be the best month to be looking.

1. You want to get the jump on your competition

One statistic we found identified that the ratio of new candidates to new jobs is highest in January than in any other month, so much so that there’s a 24% drop in this ratio the month after. Also, in December, there’s a massive slump in new candidates into the market as most decide to leave the search until the New Year.

2. The amount of available jobs are on the up

Figures from job board, Indeed, show that available jobs across all industries in the UK have increased in October compared to September. In some sectors, when you compare certain areas to this time last year, there’s been a huge increase (Transport – 46%, Hospitality – 37%, and Construction – 35%). Although these sectors won’t interest candidates in the creative industry, when you compare them to the fact that recent research by Falmouth University forecasts there will be an increase of 18% of new jobs in the marketing sector by 2018 then it’s clear that we’re already starting to experience that surge.

3. Businesses want people in place for the New Year

We’ve seen a massive desire for companies to identify their next hire for early next year. From what we’ve seen many businesses want teams in place for the New Year rather than delay the process into Q1. One of the main reasons is that on-boarding is easier at the beginning of the year when things are naturally quieter as people ease back from the Christmas break.

Despite the increased activity during this period our advice to savvy jobseekers and career climbers is to always be active. Opportunities come up all through the year and it’s helpful to be aware of them as they do – otherwise you could miss out!

I’m a Founding Partner of Bamboo Crowd. I help our clients invest better in people and scale through Engine. I solve recruitment challenges and help our clients source the best talent across operations, business development, programme management, and technology. Ask me about good films, beards and hip hop.