The Bamboo Crowd Innovation Salary Survey of 2014/15

Here is the first in our series of salary surveys this week. Our data was compiled through meeting with candidates and industry experts plus an average based on every role we’ve recruited for over the past 12 months

Innovation Salary Survey of 2014/15

The innovation industry in London continues to grow! 2014 was a really exciting year with a spread of new shops opening up, a plethora of US firms launching their London offices, and an ad land trend that has seen the once non-existent innovation department continue to take a firm position in the agency model.

Added to this, we’re seeing a new wave of creative talent emerging with innovation consultancies looking to attract management consultants in search of something more creative, investment bankers who want a new lease of life, and clientside strategists who want more variety. 2015 looks set to be another great year for the innovation industry!

Over the last 12 months we’ve gained in-depth access to this industry affording us the ability to put together our latest salary survey for the innovation industry.

INNOVATION (Growth, Business & Commercial led consultancies)

Job Title

Avg. Salary

Salary Banding’s

Associate Consultant


£30,000 – £40,000



£38,000 – £50,000

Senior Consultant


£45,000 – £60,000

Engagement Manager


£55,000 – £75,000

Senior Engagement Manager


£70,000 – £95,000

Director / Partner


£100,000 – £150,000

INNOVATION (Design, Branding & Research led consultancies)

Job Title

Avg. Salary

Salary Banding’s

Associate Consultant


£22,000 – £28,000

Consultant / Strategist


£27,000 – £36,000

Mid-Weight Strategist


£35,000 – £45,000

Senior Consultant / Strategist


£45,000 – £60,000

Strategy Director / Principal


£65,000 – £90,000

Senior Director / Partner


£85,000 – £150,000

Bamboo Crowd will be issuing out the results from our Salary Survey over the coming days covering such areas as Account Management, Creative & Design and Technology & Digital so keep checking in! Next up is Account Management.

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