Is the interview process too intimidating?

The fact is that companies are always looking to employ, not only the best, but also the ‘right’ person. Level of position, level of skill, specialism and experience are all factors that could go into finding the ideal person, and companies must tailor their hiring process to ensure that they employ someone who can help the company to grow and succeed.

Whilst hiring the best and right people is key, the war on talent is rife, which begs the question – when does the interview process go too far in assessing who’s the right hire?

Hiring processes can vary hugely. It might be that companies are happy to employ a candidate based on a connection or contact referral, or it could be that they choose to implement a “3 screening calls, 5 FaceTime interviews, a trip to Cupertino for 5 two-person interviews lasting a whole day and a lunch” (supposedly this was the process faced by a candidate for Apple who, ultimately, was not successful!).

Interestingly, more and more companies now are choosing to include testing into their processes. This could be a simple assessment to gage ‘culture fit’ – a personality test, essentially. Others might be much more thorough, testing for specific skills or key areas of expertise. Their reasoning is understandable as it provides a clear, flat filter that will allow only those who are highly capable to get through the door. Many people though question this decision, asking whether companies are making the hiring process too arduous.

Introductions are key in forming relationships. Perhaps employers should embrace the interview process as a great opportunity through which they can show the best of their company: ethos, culture and fun. The harsh irony is that many candidates can be put off by overwhelming interview processes. In choosing to include daunting testing or interviews within the initial stages, are companies ultimately losing out? Are they – instead of enticing their potentially good (and even perfect) candidates – deterring people even from applying?

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