8 Podcasts we love that will boost your personal growth

The Podcast industry is booming – although not brand new (podcasts have been around for a decade) it’s trend that is changing the way we consume media as it speaks to our needs to be mobile, consume content on our schedule, and allows us to multi-task while listening. Oh yeah, and they’re free!

We love podcasts and wanted to share some of our favourites that really speak to our desire for personal growth.

This week in start ups

What this podcast offers is insights into the stories, challenges, and businesses of some of worlds most successful entrepreneurs. Plus it’s packed full of brilliant advice and information for anyone who’s naturally interested in the start-up space but also who’s entrepreneurial at heart and is looking for inspiration.

The Tim Ferriss Show

A few days a week Tim speaks with world-class leaders and performers hailing from such areas as investing, sports, and business. There’s some amazing interviews on there and it’s full of really good tricks, tips and hacks that will help you grow and develop in areas you never even considered.

Seth Godin Start-Up School 

This show has finished but in this mini-series Seth ran a workshop to a handful of entrepreneurs talking through everything you might face when starting and growing a business. For anyone not considering taking this big step the podcast is just a brilliant way to gain more insight into how businesses tick – from marketing to operations.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Super energetic John Lee Dumas introduces us to a new entrepreneur each day, sharing successes, failures, tips and tricks, and general inspiration. There are some really amazing people on this show so definitely worth a listen

Planet Money

This is the perfect podcast – each episode is about 20 minutes long and the stories that are featured are concise, interesting, and genuinely engaging. Produced by NPR, the podcast features unusual and unique tales about the economy from stories like the battle to create a summer anthem to the birth and death of the price tag. This is one of our favourites.

WTF with Marc Maron

One of the original, big-name podcasts, Marc’s podcast consists of interviews with comedians, writers, musicians, and even the President Barack Obama himself. Marc an amazing interviewer and he gets right to the core of his guests – some amazing ones to check out would be Robin Williams, Barack Obama, and Louis CK.

Design Matters

For anyone in the creative industry this is a must listen – Design Matters features interviews with leading graphic designers, authors, and thinkers and is packed full of amazing conversation and key insights from the most impressive and inspirational designers in the world.

Accidental Creative

Todd Henry introduces you to amazing interviews with thought leaders in and around the creative industry about how to stay engaged – this is all about inspiration and Todd does an amazing job of presenting us with amazing tips and insights into how people are changing the world.

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