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Using Instagram to build your employer brand

No one would have predicted that a photo-sharing app that appeared 6 years ago would have so much impact on a society. From it’s humble beginnings in 2010, in 2016 Instagram has become one of the most influential apps, winning the number one spot on Mashable’s 2015 list of “The 100 best iPhone apps of all time”.

But as time progresses, what is becoming more noticeable is Instagram being used as a platform for advertising and recruiting.

With statistics pointing out that 13% of internet users worldwide are using the platform, with 70% of them logging in daily – a massive target audience! Narrowing that down, in the US alone 53% of adults ages 18-29 use Instagram, while 30% of teens consider it the most important social network. With its revenue forecasted to rise from $700 million this year to a whopping $5.8 billion in 2020, it’s clear to see that Instagram is really the rising star in the social realm.

Advertisers have already picked up on this, sponsoring posts that advertise their products in everyone’s feeds. Furthering this, brands have chosen to use influencer marketing tactics, whereby they chose an individual with a large social media following to subtly advertise their products. This method of marketing saw a significant increase in 2015, and is predicted to rise again in 2016 as it allows brands to make an impact on specific audience, creating a stronger relationship with them.

But how does this all filter down into recruitment? One of the key benefits that Instagram has is the ability to boost your employer brand, essentially how the company will position itself to the potential workforce. Creating an image of a healthy, happy work place will attract current jobseekers but also passive ones who develop an interest in the inner workings of the brand. A survey done on LinkedIn showed that 70% of people that followed a brand on social media (including Twitter, LinkedIn etc) were interested in working for them. The term company culture has gained momentum in the past year, and as it turns out studies show that this generation cares about the company that they work for and will sacrifice pay to an extent for a company culture that suits them.

Another way that social media platforms such as Instagram are affecting the recruitment game is by the sheer fact that now candidates have the ability to be in touch with the companies that they would like to work for in a less formal way. Companies that interact with their followers become more accessible and friendly, and therefore more desirable to work for.

Social media recruiting is of course going to be more effective with a certain pool of candidates, namely millennials, who are far more active on the platform, and considering they are now entering the job market, they are the fresh blood that the industry craves.

And in an age where social media is growing in importance to advertisers and marketers, a candidate pool that has a good working knowledge of platforms such as Instagram is considered a great skill to have. Its creates the perfect situation for agencies to highlight their work culture to the social savvy candidates of today!

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