Interview with Lara Kottseiper, Consultant at The Foundation

What were your toughest moments as a recent graduate?

Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Constant rejection. Scouring the internet and not finding anything relatively interesting.

What did you find difficult once starting a new job? (found through Bamboo Crowd ? ) 

Sitting down at one desk for the whole day *laughs*. After spending time at uni where you are always walking around, constantly on the move, it was weird having to sit down in one place the whole day. But you get used to it. More importantly it was getting my head around the processes and routines of a new job and the environment. Every company has processes in place but those processes are always different depending on where you are. It took some time getting to know who was responsible for what and the steps you needed to take in order to get something done.

What was helpful for you in overcoming those early challenges?

The most helpful resource I’ve had since day one are my colleagues who were always on hand to offer their guidance and support. It’s really important to build good relationships with the people you work with and particularly important to be comfortable enough with them to ask stupid questions like how does the printer work.

What advice would you give to graduates as they begin to explore career options?

Make sure you have as much work experience on your CV as possible. And try and keep it as relevant as possible. I’ve had a bit of insight into the recruitment process here at The Foundation and a lot of people have fantastic experience but there is no common thread. Of course this is difficult because you want to try as many things as possible but it’s definitely useful to have some overarching theme to your experience. And the main thing – don’t be disheartened by rejection! There can be so many reasons for you not getting the job and half of them may not be directly about you. Unless you’re really lucky you’re probably going to go through life getting more rejections than offers and that’s really important to remember. Pick yourself up and try again!

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