What if…Tinder did travel

Recently flying around LinkedIn and the web in general has been what I would consider one of the most emotive design case study videos I’ve seen in a while. It almost serves as a call to arms for designers to think past what limitations normal apps have and simplify to the utmost extreme. The case study is by Fantasy, a dream studio located in the united states that boast some of the top designers in the world, fuelled by passion and a fully stocked wine cellar, they create some of the most innovative and beautiful user interfaces that most of us use on a daily basis.

They’ve proposed the idea that an app be created to super simplify travel plans, to bring everything together in one place that’s easily editable, shift able, and has a touch of whimsy thrown in for good measure. Looking past the exquisite design and interactions embedded into this flight of fantasy, the whimsy element is one that deserves looking into a bit further. They’ve added the option of choosing the purpose of your vacation, such as culture, which brings up a list of places one might not have thought about before. It’s the element of surprise and exploration that really drives me to love this concept.

There’s also the ease. The accessibility. Just think about the amount of times you’ve spent on a flight booking website going back and forth between dates and locations. Through the simple and easy to use interface, everything is easily changed and flipped, without having to scroll and click and hit the back button so many times that you think you’re going to break your mouse.

My one only drawback on this design is that like myself, many people are a bit more hesitant to make large purchases over an app or generally on mobile. It feels unsafe and almost too easy – if Fantasy can overcome this, then the concept is a winner. There are other apps that exist in the market that have a similar concept (Lucky travel – – though none that blend them all together so seamlessly.

But this is just one design nerd’s opinion, I’d love to hear yours!

Scope it here –


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