Design review- three products to pimp your mac

As apple has become the most sought after and go to technology for people in the creative industry it was only a matter of time before designers started to go at length to customise their products – and no, we’re not talking about stickers!

Three companies have stood out to us in particular with their innovative ways of transforming the classic Mac book.

Uncover– Custom laser cutting and backlight

I think most owners of a MacBook can seriously appreciate the beauty of its aluminium exterior – but there’s always someone who would prefer something a little less generic.

Uncover has maintained the sleek aluminium casing of the MacBook and has developed a method to change the glowing apple logo into a custom design of your choice using laser cutting.

There is no denying that the outcome is truly quite beautiful but are there any drawbacks?

It would seem that apart from the rather large price tag that accompanies this service, the only drawback of this product is whether you would feel comfortable with someone cutting through your MacBook!

Glitty– Wooden covers for MacBooks

Opting for the more natural look, Glitty’s team of designers have created an all-wooden MacBook cover. The casing is handsome and androgynous and comes in a selection of woods such as walnut and cherry.

Surprisingly, each cover measures in at just 0.3 mm, making it light and sleek and easy to carry – All the things you might not associate with wood.

Unlike the Uncover case, you can order this product online and it arrives in the post – so you don’t need to be parted from your beloved MacBook. The wooden case sticks on with a self-adhesive backing and will leave no lasting trace when removed.

The only downside of this product would be that it doesn’t come with a casing for the back of the Mac. From a purely aesthetic perspective others might disagree and say the mix of the chrome and wood works. But from a practical point of view, it gives the back no protection at all.

Brik Booka studded case that lets you customize it with building blocks

If at any point in your life you felt the excitement of creating cars, houses and even whole towns out of Lego then you will truly love this case. The Brik Book Case effortlessly snaps onto the lid of your MacBook and not only does it provide a little extra protection but also endless fun. The case is not an official licensed Lego product but there is no denying its wonderful compatibility.

With a price tag of only $49.99 it’s affordable to most and then down to you to spend as much or as little on coloured bricks as you wish. But like me, perhaps you have a huge box of Lego from your childhood just waiting for this moment of nostalgia!

Are there any products out there you’ve spotted to really pimp out your mac? Drop a note in the comments section below.


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