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Why you should take a step back before recruiting

This year we’ve worked with a massive mix of businesses, from small start-ups to big consultancies, and, regardless of the size of the business, we’ve seen similar, if not identical, mistakes being made when recruiting.

Here are some key trends we’ve noticed and how we’ve been helping clients (or empowering them!) to overcome these challenges.

Misalignment on the role across the business

What’s the problem?

There are several forms of misalignment. It exists across small businesses and within small teams of large organisations. We’ve also seen a disconnect between HR and objectives of the business. All of these elements can lead to businesses sourcing, and in some cases, hiring the wrong people for the job. Often we’ve got to the end of a lengthy recruitment process only for a team member, not consulted at the beginning of the search, to raise an issue or flag a concern that causes the process to crumble and start again. It’s a common frustration that wastes a lot of time in the long term and often leads to the wrong hire.

How have we solved this?

We’ve developed a workshop/brief emersion concept that sits as a part of our Hire product that brings all the key stakeholders together in a room. The purpose is to look to the future at what the business objectives and goals are, while, working backwards identify upcoming hires and how they fit into the plan. It also allows all stakeholders to voice their thoughts and key criteria for the brief. This has led to better, faster, and more efficient hiring across a range of businesses that we’ve worked with.

Sending out the wrong message to candidates or an ineffective message

What’s the problem?

Competition for talent is high and skill-sets are in tight supply. The businesses that are winning talent have a clear and concise message, a strong vision, and an engaging employer brand.

How have we solved this?

Never is this more true than in the innovation and design industry. We have spent time sitting down with hiring managers and business owners to get their message just right. Using our expertise of what candidates are looking for, we’ve also designed “Candidate Packs” to really showcase and push our clients’ employer brand to the right audience.

Missing out on talent due to the candidate experience

What’s the problem?

Speed is of the essence and experience is at the heart of any recruitment process. This has been one of the most defining trends of 2016.

How have we solved this?

We’ve offered time and expertise in spades. Candidate experience and engagement takes time and speed is delivered through efficiency and the correct recruitment process; designed ahead of time. We make sure the timeline is mapped out and that we’re spending time keeping the candidate experience at it’s absolute highest, while also providing a feedback loop to you so it can be constantly improved.

This is what we see as some of the key issues we’ve seen this year and I’m sure this will continue into next year as well. Other factors that we’ve noticed (but didn’t quite make the list) are:

Providing an inadequate job description

Lack of insight into market rates for the best talent

Lack of time invested in recruiting

Hiring the wrong candidate due to not considering culture and values

All these problems can be solved through working with the right partner. If you’d like to get in touch to enquire about our Hire service or would like to received a creds deck then send a message to and we’ll get straight back in touch.

I’m a Founding Partner of Bamboo Crowd. I help our clients invest better in people and scale through Engine. I solve recruitment challenges and help our clients source the best talent across operations, business development, programme management, and technology. Ask me about good films, beards and hip hop.