Here’s how to get into design

Design is everywhere and anywhere. As such, it can be hard to understand if you’re looking to get a job within the design industry. As always, Bamboo Crowd are here to help out on your quest. Here are a few useful tips:

1. Study a design-related course at university

University is the obvious destination if you’re looking to gain a practical and theoretical knowledge of design. There are countless options available to you, all of which depend on what you’re exactly looking for. Some courses are more theoretical, others more practical. Some focus exclusively on graphic design, others on product design. If you know exactly what aspect of design you’re interested in then find a course which reflects that. If you are still unsure, look for a more generalist course.

Here is a guide we published recently for graphic designers:

2. Build and visualise a portfolio

The portfolio is the holy grail for anyone engaged in design. Simply put, you have to have a portfolio to get anywhere. Yet in recent times, more than just having a portfolio, it’s about how you showcase it. Back in the good ole’ days, you would have a physical book, one you would lug around with you across towns and cities. Now, as with most other important things in life, portfolios can be made and accessed online. Behance and Cargo Collective are the most notable examples and they remain hugely popular both inside and outside the industry. Build your profile and don’t be afraid to share it!

3. Experience the industry

There are countless design firms, agencies and studios all over the world. Some are big, some are small. What they do have in common however is an unquenching thirst to find the next best talent. They are always advertising internships and placements and whilst many of them may be unpaid, they will prove their worth later on. Research companies you like, find what makes them tick, and don’t hesitate to get in contact with them.

Are you ready to start your search and take your first steps into design? Here are three great internships to get you going:

Design Internship at ClearScore ‘Participate in product design discussions that take concepts through to production’

Graphic Design Internship at Good Zing ‘ free-reign in design and be working under the Creative Director’

Visual Design Internship at VIDA ‘Creating visual assets for both mobile and web solutions and supporting the UX/UI lead activities and development team’

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