Bamboo Crowd’s favourite portfolios on Cargo Collective

Monday’s, ah Monday’s. The beginning of the week is one of civilisation’s greatest faults. If Monday’s ceased to exist, would the world be a better place? Perhaps, just perhaps. As your caffeine intake surges dangerously above your daily recommended allowance, we thought it would be a good idea to uplift your day with some visual candy from the wonderful website that is Cargo Collective.

For those of you who don’t know, Cargo Collective is an online portfolio platform where anyone and everyone can publish their work online for the great masses to see. It’s a wonderful site full of exciting, interesting work that deserves recognition whenever possible. There is a lot on it however. So we thought we’d help and cherry pick a few artists we like and want to share with you. Let’s go!

(In no particular order)

 1. Julien Rivoire –

An eclectic combination of hyper-realism and hyper-surrealism, mashed with intergalactic landscapes and shiny faces, makes Julien Rivoire’s work a real feast for the eyes. There are even some moving images for you lucky folk. Fans of Snakehips and Stwo, if you look hard enough you may even find something for you.

 2. Stefan Glerum –

Stefan’s work is a mesmerising tribute to the history of art and illustration in all its past and present glory. There are subtle nods to comic book illustration, Art Deco, manga and Bauhaus, all beautifully composed and executed.

 3. Jonathan Burton –

If you are a film buff then Jonathan is there to cater to your needs. His work focuses on reinventing and reimagining famous film posters and book covers. With a client list ranging from Harper Collins to The Times it’s safe to say he’s pretty good at it!

 4. Leta Sobierajski –

Colours, colours, colours. Leta’s profile is all about bright, quirky colours and how to best utilise them. There is also a slightly surrealist tone to her work (bananas in socks anyone?) which makes her work enjoyable and funny to scroll through.

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