What’s the story? Uber’s self-driving cars – 2-minute read

2-minute read

Uber are continuing to invest in development around AI technologies as they attempt to bring to fruition self-driving cars. This week, they have been testing their vehicles. This news is cause for concern for professional drivers. In an increasingly-automated world, what are the jobs of tomorrow?

As people begin to lose their jobs to machines, it comes as no surprise that this topic is much-debated and highly-controversial. Though many might still consider the prospect of the self-driving car as far-fetched, sci-fi nonsense, the recent activity of Uber suggests that, in reality, we might not be too far off.

Automation is not a new concept (think about machines in factories, for example) but it is becoming increasingly noticeable today, as we encounter self-service machines in supermarkets or ask Siri for local restaurant recommendations. Such developments highlight an ambiguous future for many professions and so it is important to think about what jobs might look like in years to come as we continue to absorb these new technologies.

For us, as experts who partner with companies and teams across Innovation, Strategy & Design, we have noticed the increased need for people who can develop and produce new products and services. Skills across digital and strategy and, in particular, people with the ability to help brands to transform are highly desirable as companies compete to be more progressive and to prepare for tomorrow.


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