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How to battle startup anxiety when competing for staff

2016 was certainly a year of geopolitical instability and divisiveness. The outcome of which, whether you’re a business owner or a candidate, is for people to err on the side of caution. Joining a startup or small business is often seen as risky; and lets be honest – it can be! Nine out of ten startups fail and candidates know this. Most recently in the UK Karhoo and Yubl were victims in the tech sector and there is always press about a start-up’s failure.

Now that we’ve got the rather gloomy outlook out of the way, here’s the positive.

According to a new report from Virgin StartUp, entrepreneurs bring a £196 billion boost to the UK economy and employ 3.24 million people nationwide (that’s 12 per cent of all employment in the country!) Attracting talent and hiring the right team is one of the most important aspects for success. The right people help grow your business while the wrong ones keep you static, or worse, send you tumbling backwards. We’ve learned this as a small business. This is not about hiring the wrong people however; it’s about winning the right people. As recruiters we know about ‘start-up anxiety’ all too well, and as a business owner, we’ve lost out on people as they’ve been wooed by a larger firm or put off by the current economic and political conditions that seem to make people risk averse.

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