Growth Strategies in Innovation, Strategy & Design

4-minute read

In an ever-changing industry where there is demand for businesses to be agile, flexible and progressive, we are asked often by clients for the best options they should consider in shaping their growth strategies. Here, we outline 3 solutions.

Short-term strategy: Look outside the obvious channels

Many CVs are dismissed outright because candidates lack ‘key’ experiences, or haven’t had the ‘right’ journey. As experts in talent for Innovation, Strategy & Design, we are well aware of what clients need when it comes to their people, and we have seen this shift drastically as the industry has evolved. Now, more than ever, businesses are keen to bring in a diverse and eclectic mix of personalities who can offer different perspectives to business challenges to ensure that the solutions produced are as interesting and exciting as the company behind it.

Look for people who bring personality as well as experience: those who are great at building rapport, who can lead, and who fit in well with the rest of your business. Passion, empathy and confidence should be key considerations alongside skill and intellect. Remember, you can’t teach talent or passion but you can develop skills and experience.

Mid-term strategy: Build development opportunities within your business and work with outside partners to recruit more effectively

Quick hires may help you fulfil the needs you have today but they won’t be the ones that help you fulfil the needs you have tomorrow. Clear strategies around retention and acquisition are crucial, and the companies who are able to keep their best people are those who have more to offer employees than work alone: regular feedback, an exciting, meritocratic culture, strong relationships, and opportunities for development and progression all contribute to an effective team. Moreover, recruitment partners should make things easier for you, and should complement your business. Good ones will keep you informed about prospective talent pools and hiring trends so that you can plan your hiring strategy mid-to-long term.

Long-term strategy: be flexible, iterative, and original

Increasingly, we notice that candidates are excited by the prospect of doing different things in a business. The ability to deliver across various outputs is attractive to employers, too, and, as a result, job requirements constantly changing and evolving. Versatility is desirable and it is important to trust that mixed abilities allow for creativity and originality. We recommend baring this in mind as you think about what you need in future hires, too. Be open to changes in skills as your business develops.

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