Interview tips: researching your prospective employer

Interview tips: researching your prospective employer
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Good interview preparation can be the difference between getting an offer and being rejected. We would always suggest researching your prospective employer so that you have questions ready and so that your expectations are well-placed. Outside of the website, though, where can you look? Here are our suggestions:

Check out their competitors
For this, we recommend using LinkedIn. Go to their company page, and on the right you’ll see a section called ‘people also viewed’. Use this opportunity to learn about who’s who and what is going on their industry. Think about why they’re different, and why you are interested and excited by them. Develop any thoughts or questions you might have so that you are ready when you meet them.

Check out the team
If you’re lucky, company websites will have a section for this. Whether they do or not, though, there are definitely benefits from finding out about key people independently. LinkedIn can be very useful here – look for trends in employees’ backgrounds, and see whether you already know people. Twitter is another source for a more personal look at the people who work there.

Check out their work
In addition to their case study section, there are places you can look to improve your understanding of what they do and the impact they have. Industry websites such as Haystack, BrandRepublic, and AdAge are useful. Google News is also a great resource for finding the most up-to-date information on recent work and projects.

Check out their new business prospects
As well as using these platforms to upskill on old work, news platforms such as The Drum, Marketing Magazine and Design Week are great places to find out what is in the pipeline for upcoming projects.

Check out how they fit into wider culture
Stay up-to-date on hot news and what companies think about it. Increasingly, businesses are using social media to put out their stance on anything from sports to politics. Make sure that you are following their news feeds across social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way to see what their internal culture is like, too.

Finally, are they featured on our Discover page?
This our new platform that allows our candidates to discover what it’s like to work for one of our clients. We’ll be giving you a peek behind closed doors with interviews, insights, opinion pieces and office showcases. Watch this space as we’ll be launching early next year.

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