Optimising your recruitment strategy: our 2016 takeaways

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 As 2016 draws to a close, we have reviewed our key learnings from working with clients. From small start-ups to big consultancies, we have noticed the difficulties faced in companies as they look to make new hires. Here, we outline just a few key trends and the solutions we have provided to them in overcoming these challenges.

What’s the problem? Misalignment on the role across the business

Misalignment can be truly detrimental. Disconnect between different areas of the business can result in sourcing and, in some cases, hiring the wrong people for the job. Often we’ve got to the end of a lengthy recruitment process only for a team member, not consulted at the beginning of the search, to raise an issue or flag a concern that causes the process to crumble and start again. It’s a common frustration that wastes a lot of time.

What’s the solution? Developing and cementing an understanding of the role via workshops and clear communication

We’ve developed a workshop/brief immersion concept that sits as a part of our Hire product that brings all the key stakeholders together in a room. It is a key part of our approach to helping businesses and the purpose is to consider the long-term business aims and to work backwards. In doing this, we can identify with you which skills and expertise are needed to and achieve your goals. It also allows all stakeholders to voice their thoughts and key criteria for the brief. This approach has led to better, faster, and more efficient hiring process, as well as a closer, more productive working relationship with our clients.
What’s the problem? Poor external brand communication

Competition for talent is high and skill-sets are in tight supply. The businesses that are winning talent have a clear and concise message, a strong vision, and an engaging employer brand.

What’s the solution? Dedicated tailoring and development of brand voice

This year, we have spent a time with our clients to ensure that we are portraying their brands in exactly the right way, and the upswing has been clear. As an external representative of your business, we need to know your culture inside-out so that we can find the best people for you and, once that is achieved, we curate “Candidate Packs” to showcase and show off your employer brand to the right audience.

What’s the problem? Missing out on talent due to the poor candidate experience in recruitment processes

Speed is of the essence and experience is at the heart of any recruitment process. Too often have we seen good candidates turned off after being left with poor impressions of a company after an interview. This has been one of the most defining trends of 2016.

How have we solved this? Collaborative and iterative development of interview processes and brand experience

As experts in our space, we know what candidates enjoy best when they meet a prospective employer. Key to this is preparation – designing your recruitment process in advance and thinking about how you want candidates to experience your company as they go through the interview process. We optimize this by mapping out your process and feeding back regular insights so that you can iterate, improve, and secure a strategy that works.

As mentioned, this is just a selection of our key takeaways from this year’s activity. Other factors that we’ve noticed (but didn’t quite make the list) are:

  • Providing an inadequate job description
  • Lack of insight into market rates for the best talent
  • Lack of time invested in recruiting
  • Hiring the wrong candidate due to not considering culture and values


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