5 Career Assessment tests to help you find your dream job

Self Directed Search 

Great for: Learning about your type. Are you realistic, artistic, social, enterprising? The SDS will ask you questions about your aspirations, activities, skills and interests and then help you find a field of study or job that suits your personality.


Great for: Discovering your key strengths through playing games. Pymetrics uses 12 short games to assess cognitive, emotional, and social traits and gives you a snapshot of your unique characteristics.


Great for: Having everything you need in a quick 15 minute test. Once you complete the test you’ll get scored against 900 jobs and you can see what the best fit is, the education required, and the career outlook.


Great for: Learning more about yourself. You’ll discover your personal strengths so that you can plan for success and make the most of your potential.


Great for: A bit of fun – not much else!

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