Creative Internship at Nii Agency and Jawara Studio

Fashion Designer and artist from Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Jawara Alleyne has developed his handwriting through examining topics of cultural relevance, identifying the juxtapositions, oxymoron’s and paradoxes. The delicate balancing of ideas thought of as unrelated and the creation of narratives through the significance and importance of differences is the key element behind Jawara’s ethos.

Having graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, Jawara has since co-founded Nii Agency with photographer and collaborator Campbell Addy. The agencies focus on diversity has landed it mentions in publications such as i-D, Dazed & Confused and Vogue.

Jawara is currently looking for an intern who can assist with tasks relating to both design and marketing. Assisting with projects relating to both Nii Agency and Jawara Studios. The ideal candidate should have an interest in the progression of art and culture and be switched on and aware not only of the happenings of the fashion industry but within our global culture as well.

The ideal candidate should be able to take initiative, as working remotely will be required.

Daily tasks will include (but is not limited to):

Jawara Studio:


-Fabric Sourcing

-Assisting on special projects

-Running Errands

Nii Agency: 


-Organising of data

-Completing booking forms

-Liaising with clients and models

-Scouting (online and street cast)

-Keeping track of Calendar

-Editing model packages

-Running Errands

Skills Required

-Proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs

-Understanding of Adobe Suite (Specifically InDesign)

Candidate will be privy to learning from a new generation of creative business owners. A generation of millennia’s who feel that diversity should be the norm within the industry as it is the norm in our global society. As well as working on projects of cultural relevance and importance, the candidate will leave the internship not only understanding more about the design process and how this is influenced by culture, but also about the in’s and out’s of the modeling and casting industry. They will also get an experience in handling numerous tasks effectively and efficiently.

Please send your CV and examples of work to:


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