Experience Design Internship at Sparks Grove

Sparks Grove is an experience design consultancy.

We create experiences that matter. We build things people love to use.

We’re a collective of big thinking, experience focused people. But we’ve got an unfair advantage; we’ve got a background in management consultancy as well as design and tech.

So we love coming up with big ideas for our clients, but that’s just step one.

With our mix of consultants and creatives, designers and developers, technologists and product owners, we also know how to make these ideas stick in the reality of our clients’ business.

Sparks Grove is well established in the US, and we’ve just opened our first office in the UK.

Our home in Holborn Circus is open, energetic and fast growing. Our high calibre people bring their whole selves to work and have a passion for building our business as well as helping our clients.

We’re looking for an experience design intern to join our team.

Sparks Grove interns are bright, capable and versatile. They’re the future of our business, and their curiosity drives the direction of the company. They’re comfortable getting involved in all aspects of Sparks Grove life, whilst working with the team on various different projects.

We have 3 core offerings here at Sparks Grove. As an intern you can choose to rotate through each, or – if you prefer – focus on developing a deep knowledge of one.

Creative Engagement: We build super effective comms teams and creative campaigns based on what audiences actually want. You’ll help us make complex messages simple, and boring things fun.

Customer Experience: We design and develop new propositions for clients based on user needs and insights. You’ll help clients implement market-leading experiences we’d like to have ourselves. 

Product Development: We build and launch apps and technology people actually want to use. Whether it’s bouncing between client demos or managing dev teams; you’ll build some tangible and compelling customer and employee products.

Best thing about a Sparks Grove internship? You get to shape your role. We want the best people in our team, and know that letting our people follow their curiosity and shape their own career gives the best results.

And you’ll never have to fetch anyone coffee. Unless you want to, of course.

This job is for you if:

You want to learn fast. You’ve got an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the drive to go out and get it. By the way, learning fast means failing fast too. That’s OK. It’s how we progress.

You’ve got design skills. You may or may not have a “traditional” design background, but you’ve got an eye for quality, and an understanding of the principles of good design and can articulate what makes a good customer experience.

You want to build something. You want to get in at the ground floor of a small, vibrant business and put your own stamp on it. Help shape the culture, traditions and client base, build the place where you want to work.

You’re a great communicator. You can explain things in a simple, meaningful, compelling way.

You’re creative. You’re flexible and open-minded, and love coming up with new and exciting ways to solve problems.

And yes. We are fussy about who joins our team. Thanks for noticing. It’s a cliché, but our people are our biggest asset. We work hard to find the right ones.

Like the sound of this? Let’s talk.

Get in touch with Clare Flitton –

Send her:

  1. Your CV
  2. Any portfolio pieces you’d like to share.
  3. A short piece of writing (max 250 words) answering one of these questions:

-What is your favourite brand and why? What is it about the visual communication and story-telling that appeals to you? What would you change to make it even better?

-Tell us about a consumer brand or product you predict will significantly impact how people work in their day jobs.

-Where have you had an excellent customer or employee experience? What made it so meaningful? How would you make it even better?

-Send us a sample of something (comms, marketing, design – anything) you think is good, and a sample of something that’s great. Make sure it’s not something you created. Tell us why you rate them as such.

If you sound right for the role, we’ll get back to you to arrange a chat over coffee.

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