Lessons from UX for Change – grow your UX career

Earlier this week, Bamboo Crowd, in collaboration with Just-Eat and Startup Bootcamp, were proud to run a fantastic event – ‘UX for Change’ 

The mastermind behind all this was Sandra Gonzalez, Head of UX at Just Eat. Speaking to a crowd of almost seventy attendees, she took us through some useful tips she drew on from her extensive experience in the fields of UX – the top 20 lessons she learned.

We listened attentively through the first part of the evening, while enjoying beer and pizza (a fundamental part of any event). There was an incredible amount of pizza, which was essential in fuelling the more interactive part of the evening to come.

The second half comprised of us splitting into groups and learning from each other. Ultimately, the evening was about sharing experience and working out an action plan to create change in our own lives. Sandra raised many fantastic points, and suggested numerous strategies. Some of the ones which really resonated with us here were as follows:

Create opportunities for juniors

One of the main challenges for the industry has been the erosion of the need for juniors as a result of increased dependent on cross-functional teams to deliver on projects. While this is efficient, it isn’t sustainable, and companies who don’t develop talent effectively from within end up paying a lot of recruitment fees over time.

Focusing on keeping the glass half-full

No project conditions are ideal, and it’s the duty of a successful leader to make the most of a given situation. Not just in terms of fulfilling the design brief, but in carrying the learnings forward to the next project.

Giving back

As recruiters, we’ve noticed that UX design and related disciplines tend to attract candidates with a strong social conscience. These individuals may find themselves working in environments that, while intellectually stimulating, may not fulfil those passions for righting the world’s wrongs. Volunteering and giving back can add to your professional life – and UX for Change seeks to prove this. Interested in getting involved? Sign up here

Thanks Sandra, Startup Bootcamp and Just Eat for helping us put on a fantastic event!

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