Easily distracted at work? You need this App!

You may think that you get plenty done during a day’s work, but how much could this improve if you could remove distractions?  If you are anything like me, I hate getting distracted at work; you may have just thought of a great idea or solution to a problem when suddenly Skype rings out and your delicate spell of concentration is broken.

Throw into the equation the business of others working around you plus the ringing phone – both desk based and mobile, along with the attention-seeking internet and it is easy to find your concentration waning. But help is at hand; whether it’s phone calls, texts, message notifications or social media beckoning you, there is a cure.

Choose an app – any app

There are many apps readily available that make it very simple to just block out the negative rays and get moving through your schedule at warp speed factor 10! 

Here are just a few that we have picked out and there are many more around, as a little research on Google will show:

– Isolator

Perfect for Mac users, as the name says on the tin, this isolates you by making sure that you focus only on your active window on-screen; choose the settings you want and allow the programme to blur out other windows and even makes sure you cannot see your dock bar.  If you have windows, try the very similar ‘Le Dimmer’.

– Calendly

This sorts out your schedules for you, meaning you don’t have to break off what you are doing to sort them.  Simply tell the app when you are free for calls, meetings or even lunches out; your schedule is then circulated to your work-group and/or clients for them to pick a slot and add to the calendar.

– Todoist

Not sure what you have to do that is urgent or important?  Do you end up doing less because you can’t prioritise?  Then this app is for you.   It sorts out your tasks, even sharing with others you may be co-working with.  Stay focussed by letting it prioritise your list so you don’t have to.

– Calm

We love this app as it provides you with seven free meditation sessions, each from two to 20 minutes.  You can quickly re-charge your batteries and even sign up for a mindfulness course. This works like giving your brain a cold shower, keeping you sharp and on target.

– Anti-Social

Not quite an app, this plug-in puts you in charge of your social media browsing.  Pre-book your working hours in blocks of time from 15 minutes up to a full 8 hrs.  It will prevent you dipping into social media, stopping to look at notifications and generally delaying when you should be working.

So as you can see, being distracted at work needn’t be a foregone conclusion.  If distractions are causing you to waste time and at the end of the day you feel frustrated that you could have done more, try out one of these anti-distraction apps.

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