A UX for Change Event: Designing for Carers in the Community

In the current digital age it is easy to lose ourselves in calls to action and error messages as we interact with digital experiences, but as designers we have an amazing opportunity to show our human touch throughout every step of the user journey.

We’re thrilled to continue our mission to share the goodness of UX with a very special charity, Carefreebreaks, who are dedicated to supporting carers who deal with great challenges as stats below illustrate:

• 6.5 million unpaid carers* in the UK (10% of the population).

• 80% of all home care is provided by unpaid carers.

• 83% of carers suffer from health issues.

• 46% said they have suffered from depression because of their caring role.

• 39% are struggling to make ends meet (Carer’s Allowance is the lowest benefit of its kind, at just £62.70 a week).

• 49% feel neglected by society.

• 25% haven’t had a day off from their caring role for more than 5 years.

• 68% will not take a break this year.

Our challenge this end of year is to help them build a document to guide decisions around tone of voice and methods of engagement to make the carers feel like there are humans that care for them on the other side of the interface.

Come and join us for a 2-hour workshop, led by Michael Abolins-Farrell and with a group of diverse UXers from across London.

If you are passionate about getting involved in social ventures and impacting the lives of care workers this is your opportunity!

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