Digital Content Internship – Public – London


Salary: Circa £20,000

Contract: 6 months

The Digital Content Intern will manage Public’s marketing and social media channels, promoting Public’s ongoing projects and researching new and creative ways for Public to engage with our key audiences – the public sector, investment & technology industries, and tech startups.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Support Public’s marketing and research teams in helping to grow and develop Public’s content output and marketing reach.Manage Public’s social media presence, regularly updating channels with relevant and creative content.
  • Produce and publish Public’s weekly newsletter into the latest events in ‘GovTech’ and public sector innovation.
  • Research and write regular features for Public’s blog, and provide editorial support for Public’s Research and Marketing teams – including overseeing.
  • Public’s content management systems (WordPress or equivalent).
  • Deliver regular analysis and insight into Public’s marketing data, producing reports for Public’s senior management team.
  • Research and develop new avenues for Public’s marketing (e.g. video content, podcasts, etc.).
  • Provide on-site operational and marketing support during Public events and conferences.

Public is a dynamic company, pioneering approaches in a new and fast-growing sector. As such, the role of Digital Content Intern will likely also include providing operational support across Public’s growth programme, investment and research projects. The ideal candidate will approach these activities as an opportunity to grow one’s experience beyond and above their marketing responsibilities.

Person specification

The role of Digital Content Intern is a development position. As such we are primarily interested in candidates with strong character attributes and demonstrable potential to achieve.

Technical skills (specified under ‘Additional Skills’) will be valued, but are not necessities for the role. Training can be provided to outstanding candidates.

The selected candidate will be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to achieve to an exceptional standard in your chosen area (this can be in professional, academic or extra-curricular pursuits).
  • A high level of resourcefulness and determination.
  • Strong written English.
  • The ability to work as part of a team in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Additional Skills include:

  • Experience in journalism or copywriting.
  • Experience with content management systems (WordPress or equivalent).
  • Experience with video or audio editing software, photography or graphic design.
  • Experience with customer relationship management software.
  • Experience with social media or digital marketing.
  • Demonstrable interest in politics, the tech sector, or startups.

Closing date for applications1st January 2018

Do you think this role sounds like the perfect opportunity to you? Please click here to apply via the Public careers website!

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