A UX for Change Event: Designing for Carers in the Community

UX for Change event hosted by Just-Eat

In the current digital age it is easy to lose ourselves in calls to action and error messages as we interact with digital experiences, but as designers we have an amazing opportunity to show our human touch throughout every step of the user journey.

We were thrilled to help UX for Change continue their mission to share the goodness of UX with a very special charity, Carefreebreaks. They are dedicated in supporting carers who deal with great challenges on a daily basis. Carefreebreaks arranges short breaks for unpaid carers in hotels and holiday cottages provided free-of-charge by owners during the low season.

Last month we had a 2-hour workshop led by Mike Abolins, and a big group of diverse UXers from across London attending. The challenge was to help them build a document to guide decisions around tone of voice and methods of engagement to make the carers feel like there are humans that care for them on the other side of the interface.

It was an incredible night full of amazing designers and non designers coming together to provide Carefreebreaks with some valuable insight into defining their online personality and tone of voice.

If you are keen to get involved in the next UX for Change event please email us at

Image of Carefreebreaks

Image of presentation

Image of workshop

Image of group watching presentation


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