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Innovation – recruiting the future at Bamboo Crowd

“Innovation” is an overly used term, and to an extent, so nondescript and ubiquitous that we now barely even register its presence. But, when understood by definition—the introduction of something new, something that creates value or growth—it is powerful and exciting, it defines our contemporary experience and its influence is felt across the world. It’s about unlocking insights, and translating those insights into ideas, invariably products, services or experiences. So, it is no surprise that Apple, Uber and Airbnb spring to mind when we think about innovation.

Today, innovation is BIG business, and it is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the consulting and creative services’ industries. According to Consultancy UK, the consulting industry has grown with an average Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.1% since 2011 to a value of $251 billion in 2016. Innovation operates at the intersection of technology, design and strategy, where a new wave of “inventors” are tasked with designing, creating and building breakthrough propositions that drive change; from face-detecting systems that will authorise payments, to driverless cars and smartphones that are now millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969! Innovation is perhaps the most powerful catalyst in galvanising growth, both for our economy and evolution.

Whilst innovation has been prevalent throughout civilization—from pioneers in science, to inventors and entrepreneurs—it has only been an “industry” for the last decade or so. The intersection of tech, design and strategy, has seen rapid growth in the consulting and creative industries, with big firms such as Accenture, Deloitte and IBM, investing heavily in teams of “inventors” to carve out new opportunities and revenue streams for their clients, and conversely, their clients’ consumers. Added to this, the M&A scene is bustling, particularly in the consulting space, where we have seen a flurry of strategic acquisitions by consulting powerhouses to fulfil their quest of creating an “end-to-end” client offer (from design thinking and front end innovation, to capability around technical development, supply chain expertise and access to new technology and data analytics).

In short, it is where creativity meets business.

Who are these “inventors”, and where do they come from? Unlike many other industries, there is no set mould. There is no linear path, and it is a place where the right brain meets the left. Invariably, inventors blend commercial sense with creative firepower; these change-agents are typically those who strive to solve for upstream challenges, not smaller brand, operations or marketing briefs.

Many innovation consultancies categorise their disciplines in three key areas: insight/idea development; strategy; and design and build. Within these disciplines, you will find researchers, inventors, strategists, designers and technical evangelists. They are teams who as collectives, work from the upstream thinking and idea development, to the downstream design, build and execution of high-impact innovations. Strategists and researchers (the “thinkers”) typically come from strategy and management consultancy backgrounds, and the designers and builders (the “makers”) tend to come from design and digital businesses.

Thinkers and makers are in high-demand, and the innovation industry is set to continue its upward trajectory in an economy that is constantly being disrupted through advancements in technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

A bit on Bamboo Crowd…

We are the leading innovation strategy recruitment consultancy with offices in London and New York. As a business, we are fortunate to be where we are – we get to work with people that genuinely stretch our minds, people who have actually invented.

We have been called a “white hot recruitment studio that powers growth”, and our clients have touted the fact that we are “changing perceptions.”

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