Nov 23, 2020

Inspiring and powerful…bites from last week’s Women in UX event.


By Chelsea Power

She was keen on filling me in with as much helpful information aspossible regarding the job. I found Chelsea to be an empowering professional to work with.


Bronwen Rees, Head of Design @ Prime Native

Jess Brown, Head of Design @ Clutter

Ana Nicolau, Director of Experience & Product Design @ Vocabulary

& facilitated by Bamboo Crowd UX Lead & Associate Director, Sal Hurrell

The conversation touched on many important topics … from talking about how to build more diverse and inclusive cultures, to imposter syndrome and how to create a space that is physiologically safe. The conversation also stretched out to offer up a macro viewpoint that touched on the importance of design today. Design is now the foundation of almost every business and, with constant flux and emerging tech, businesses are spending more time than ever before evolving the ways in which they communicate and interact with their customers – this puts UX Design front center.

This is a great event to learn more about how designers and leaders are managing and approaching design during these tough times. Make sure to check it out! We'll have more of these events coming soon!


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