Jul 19, 2022

Designer Blueprint: Scott Gary, Product Designer at Meta


By Jared Tredly

"Working with Jared was a wonderful experience. He focused on being transparent, empathetic, and realistic throughout the hiring process, always putting the company's and my expectations first."


We’ve all seen the headlines over the last few months. Companies are going through transitions, and lay-offs are happening. Of course every case is unique, but what can we learn from those who have been through one?

In a new series from Jared Tredly and the team here at Bamboo Crowd, we dig into the careers and “Blueprints” behind the people right in Jared’s Domain: Designers. Stay tuned for this full interview, where we hear and learn about Product Designer Scott Gary's journey from lay-off to upwards of 10 offers at some top companies.

Scott is just one of the many stories of those who have found themselves without work due to the massive wave of job cuts we’ve seen this year. As of mid-July, more than 28,000 workers in the US tech sector have been laid off, according to a Crunchbase News tally.

If you find yourself in a similar position, Bamboo Crowd is your source for the best support in your job hunt. Reach out to Jared directly at jared@bamboocrowd.com, and be sure to register with us at www.bamboocrowd.com/sign-up.

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