Scale your teams quickly, more cost-effectively and with top talent.

Use our Bolt-on service and we'll become an extension of your team.
We help you unlock growth through 3 and 6 month recruiting sprints designed to help you attract and hire the best talent, reduce your cost-per-hire and scale your team and business through a ‘bolt-on’ approach where our team becomes an extension of your team.

You’re competing for the same talent as everyone else. We’ll not only help you find the right talent, but also to attract and hire them.

Why bolt-on?

Our bolt-on model was designed to handle the key challenges that most high-growth teams face and build the momentum you need to scale.

The competition for innovation skills has never been more fierce and you require someone in market battling for the talent you need to help you create, design and build your products and services. Add us to your team and we’ll be out there ensuring you don’t miss out on talent to other companies.

We charge a monthly retainer and a percentage fee per placement.

Our pricing model

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Allows you to mitigate risk and cost by having a hybrid retainer and percentage fee on success model. Other agencies who ask you to pay huge monthly retainers may deliver you a whole lot of nothing!
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Reduces your cost-per-hire. That’s important to us. You’re partnering with us and trusting our team to deliver. We want to return that back in cost-savings.
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Creates an invested bond between both parties. Through this pricing model we are both vested into each others success and therefore accountable. This accountability allows us to tackle the market with a sense of purpose and determination.

How we compare

Embedded agencies / RPO

High cost-burden each month plus you may be partnered with recruiters that lack experience or ability to solve recruiting challenges or hurdles.

Our Talent Partners are experienced and know how to solve problems.

We also utilize a retainer and placement fee to reduce your risk.

Hiring more internal recruiters

Can be a longer term cost burden if you need shorter term support.

Also require a long ramp up whereas we can build an active pipeline of talent within a week.

You also get an outside-in perspective and access to a wider pool of talent.

Contingency Search Recruitment

Much higher cost-per-hire. Without an investment up-front on a search then there is no real commitment from the agency to focus on your search.

We also ensure we have weekly meetings, shared applicant tracking, weekly reporting and monthly content to amplify your employer brand.

All bolt-on clients receive bespoke monthly content and social promotion

Alongside our consultants searching for the best talent in the market our Content Producers and Creative Teams co-create content with you to amplify your employer brand and give you a competitive edge.

We know what candidates want to read and we create highly targeted and bespoke content aligned to the type of talent you want to reach.

Michelle Tannenbaum Content Producer Bamboo Crowd

Recent work

Don’t worry. We’ve done this before. Here is a selection of our recent work.
Built out Experience and Innovation Team through new Partner and Senior Partner hires across the US and Europe. Also supported to bring in talent in business design, service design and product management.
Westfield Insurance
Partnered with this large insurance company to help build their new venture team, 1848 Ventures. Hired early innovation and commercial strategy talent. Currently working to build out teams for new ventures in market across design, engineering, product and sales.
Working with new leadership to build experience and innovation group fast across service design, business design, product design, engineering and creative technology.
Relish Labs
3-month sprint to help build this new venture business spun out of Gordon Food Service. We hired across innovation and product and filled multiple roles 50% faster than originally scoped.

Proto Case Study

The first year was a big one for Proto: The consultancy landed 14 clients and hired over 40 people. We parachuted into Proto to support them in making critical hires for their growth across experience design, innovation strategy, brand strategy and commercial strategy.

“A hard thing about being a young company is that there’s gaps all over your org chart. Keeping up with demand and growth is hard. When you’re trying to do client work while also prioritizing interviews and getting new talent in, we ultimately needed a partner that had expertise in certain roles and talent.

What we loved about Bamboo Crowd was the talent that they work with and identify with. We wanted to work with a partner that gave us an advantage in finding this kind of talent,”

Read more here

Colby Dennison, Founder & Chief Operation Officer Proto

Case Study

“Bamboo Crowd helped us bring in some really critical talent that’s going to help us scale as we look towards next year.”

Imagen 49
Imagen 45

“The several hires that we’ve made through Bamboo Crowd are directly correlated to us being able to take on new business, which of course means more growth for us and more revenue for the company, which is amazing.”

People Manager, Giant Machines

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