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An approach designed to deliver the talent you need fast.

We take the time to understand your culture and needs before tapping into our own network of talent to ensure that we find the right people for you. Our not so secret source is our team who bring relentless passion, expertise and experience, which is underpinned by a track-record of success that speaks for itself.

“Bamboo Crowd have proven to be a great partner to our business in its first of growth. They intuitively get the culture of our business, and are evidently well connected to the next generation of innovation and strategy talent.”

Managing Director



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“…a great partner to our business in its first year of growth…intuitively get the culture of our business, and evidently well connected to the next generation of innovation and strategy talent.”


Wolff Olins

To create the most effective message

To attract the best talent

“…a critical partner in our growth and we couldn’t be where we are without the amazing people Bamboo Crowd have brought our way.”


Wolff Olins

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Our process – how it works



Through immersing ourselves within our clients’ organisations, we make sure we understand culture, their ‘secret sauce’, and what great looks like.



We engage our network and key influencers in the market, drive for referrals, and deliver and promote the right message through specific comms channels.



Candidate and Client Experience is our number one priority. We meet everyone we work with, offer honesty and transparency, and never drop the ball.



We guarantee results, and ensure you hire the best talent fast. Beyond this, we deliver insights on the market, your employer brand, and on-boarding.


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How we guarantee success

There’s a reason we call our clients brave businesses. Beyond their desire to change the world, they also believe there’s a better way to recruit.

The best talent is in high demand; skills are short, and the market is uber competitive. We know time is precious and making the wrong hire isn’t an option. No two searches are the same, much like no two businesses are the same.

We bring best-in-class skills in talent strategy and recruitment, and know how to find, attract, engage and hire – it’s in our DNA. We’re competitive, relentless and never settle – we pride ourselves on solving the toughest recruiting challenges.

We back ourselves.

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