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Nov 29, 2022

3 Tips for Web3 Start-Ups Hiring Talent in a Crypto Bear Market


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.


I’ve been recruiting for the Web3 space for a couple years now and what excites me most about the ecosystem is the energy of the people involved.

Despite doomsday headlines calling for the ‘end of crypto,’ Web3 and blockchain technology are true disruptive innovation. The sheer amount of talent moving into the space is a real signal for why you should be bullish on it.

If you're a Web3 startup struggling to hire in this climate, here are three tips from me on how to keep your talent pipeline warm this crypto-winter:


1. Invest time in education and content creation: like white papers, press articles, or blog posts.

Candidates usually want to do their own research before making decisions. The more helpful information you can give them, the better.


2. Have a clear employer value proposition (EVP) to show candidates that you’re set up for success.

Ways to make your company more attractive include having a strong mission and purpose, offering competitive benefits and salaries, and providing a physical office space.

By investing time into your employer brand and employee experience, you will be more likely to receive positive responses when extending job offers.


3. Take your time.

Rushing to hire the wrong people could set you back and make future raises harder.

The marketplace is still competitive despite all of the layoffs that we're reading about.

Focus on the process, be ready to hire great people when they come into the picture, and also be prepared to say 'no,' and hold out for the right hire.

If all else fails, be sure to reach out at, or send us a brief, and we’d be happy to support!


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