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Jan 21, 2021

UX Crowd presents Women in UX


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.


In this panel discussion we will be focusing on Women in UX.

We all know that the tech space is a male dominated industry but why? What’s our prediction for the years to come and how we can make the space more diverse. Come and have a listen to three fantastically talented Women as we talk about their stories in the industry.

We hope this event will inspire and educate all those in the industry.

To RSVP follow the link: 

We are super excited about our panel! We're joined by...

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Bronwen Rees

Bronwen is Head of Design at Prime Motive and looks to make the internet useable for all through digital inclusion & diversity. Her role as a female design leader is to build up, mentor and inspire a generation of great designers. She aims to level the playing field through collaborative and progressive thinking and taking on the varied challenges that our industry brings to us.

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Ana Nicolau 

Ana Nicolau is a London-based Director of Experience & Product Design at Vocabulary. An experienced Designer, she combines strategic thinking with a deep understanding of technology and cross-platform storytelling in product development. She leads, mentors and up-skills teams. At senior management level, she works closely with agencies and startups aligning expectations with ROI, on all things Service Design. Ana is also the founder of Women In Design App, a global slack community of women in design.

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Jess Brown

Jess Brown is an experienced design leader, with years building design teams from the ground up to craft award-winning user experiences. She’s worked in digital media, e-commerce, and education, with companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations. She’s currently the Head of Design at Clutter, which offers hassle-free moving and storage services.

She's passionate about just-enough user research, surfacing customer feedback early and often, and empowering designers to chart their own growth.

Previously, she led product design at VICE Media and Rent the Runway. She also studied math and computer science at Stanford, and likes to flex her technical skills from time to time.

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