Oct 27, 2022

Innovation in a Recession: Sean Sheppard, U+


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.

COVID-19 pushed businesses to rapidly adapt, but the looming economic downturn will reveal which companies are able to implement the right strategy and capital investments to out-perform. Are you ready for “Innovation in a Recession?”

In a new series from Alex Pavlou and the team here at Bamboo Crowd, we speak with innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and more to hear their perspectives on how companies should most effectively be approaching their innovation strategy entering into 2023.

Our first episode features Sean Sheppard, Managing partner at U+. Sean has decades of experience as a founder, venture capitalist and advisor to hundreds of corporates when it comes to digital innovation and building ventures. In this interview you'll hear how:

- Innovation Leaders should be planning for 2023

- How to protect your innovation budgets and initiatives

- The skills innovation practitioners should be investing in going into next.

- Sean's journey into digital innovation and corporate new ventures. 

- And much much more!

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