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Hi, we’re Bamboo Crowd!

We help companies, that have a growth-mindset, to execute with excellence by finding the very best talent. We're human-centered, collaborative, and consistent - when you work with us you're working with a team that is focused more on the partnership than the fee.

Without the right talent it’s impossible to grow your startup, expand your core business, find breakthrough innovation, launch a new venture or uncover new opportunities.

That’s where we come in.

Trusted and Recommended by

Startups, Consultancies, Corporates, Venture Studios, and VC’s to hire world-class talent. Hiring the wrong people can be costly and partnering with the wrong recruiter can waste time you don’t have. We’re recommended for a reason. Trust is something we’ve earned from our decades of experience.
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Who we work with

From Corporate Innovation to Disruptive Innovation, our focus is to work with companies and teams who are building new products and services, ventures and experiences.
We have three kind of clients

Corporates & Enterprises

That need to build the right functional capabilities to support growth initiatives. This includes innovation labs and new venture, digital transformation and customer experience teams. We help corporates find the talent they need to create new business models, products and services, processes and experiences to customers. We can also help train their teams with new frameworks and methodologies and the broader organization with innovation and problem-solving skills.

Startups, VCs & Venture Studios

Which we see as ‘disruptive innovation’. They’re developing new technologies and ways to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. We support Founders and Head of Departments to build the teams they need to launch, ship, and scale. We’re also able to help early and late stage teams develop new skills to help them stay at the forefront of innovation.

Consultancies & Agencies

Who are the lifeblood of the industry, supporting corporates and startups when it comes to capabilities in innovation, brand strategy, digital transformation, venture building and product development. We work to help them find unique talent that can serve their customers and drive real value.

What makes us

Best Service.
Best Experience.
Best People.

We have a higher bar for talent and delivery than other agencies in the market - that’s why we’re one of the highest recommended agencies. We have the biggest network of innovation, design and digital talent.

Employer Branding & Marketing

By amplifying your employer brand you’ll attract and hire higher quality talent to help drive your growth.

Our in-house studio allows us to build the stories, recruiting assets and content you need to attract the best people. This is included as part of our service for all clients.

Training Skills & Development

We are the only agency to offer Training and Skills Development. We train your team to be Everyday Innovators, leading to more growth, productivity and profit.

Bamboo Crowd partners with Leaders who aspire to fuel growth.

But we recognize that growth is tough. A quarter of companies don’t grow at all. Growth is the lifeblood of the organization and fuels culture, builds ambition and inspires purpose. That’s why we created a manifesto - a set of guiding principles that allows us to be the best at what we do.

One crowd, two offices. A boutique by design, London and New York.

We’re passionate about innovation - our team have a combined decades of experience helping to scale innovation, strategy, product design, software engineering and marketing teams. We act with compassion and respect, focus on outcomes, not obstacles, and on setting the bar high.


Third Floor
81 Southwark Street 

New York

Northpoint Studios
181 N11th St

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