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Nov 23, 2020

Bamboo Crowd stands with Black Lives Matter


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

To be anti-racist, rather than simply non-racist, we have to ask difficult questions and put in work internally and externally in order to pursue change. We decided to follow the incredible work of Black activists who are tirelessly holding us all accountable. There is a specific grassroots movement called “#PulluporShutUp” created by the CEO of Uoma Beauty Sharon Chuter. In an interview with ‘The Cut’ Sharon stated: “You can’t tell us Black Lives Matter publicly when you don’t show us that Black lives matter within your own homes and organizations.” Which is why she is calling for brands to publicly release the breakdown of Black employees at the corporate and executive levels. Although Bamboo Crowd is not a large corporation, we do believe this level of transparency and accountability is crucial in creating real anti-racist change. 

So here it is:

  • In the US, 44% of candidates placed were POC and 11% of candidates placed were Black.
  • In the UK, 23% of candidates placed were POC and 3% were Black.
  • Within our current business of 20 people, we have 10% racial diversity, of which 5% is Black.

These numbers show our complicity. We have been operating on a non-racist ideology. A view that doesn’t overtly discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, or disability. Sadly, that is not enough; we know that we need to prioritise anti-racism in our organisation, our work, and our outlook. 

Firstly, we will be analysing our internal culture and focus on ensuring that we have one that is built on anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We believe that it is imperative that we design and implement anti-racist measures at all stages of the employment life cycle, both at Bamboo Crowd and for the customers that we serve. Once we feel we have the relevant frameworks and checks present, we are dedicated to striving beyond this.

We must hold ourselves accountable and actually do the work. To our black candidates, clients, partners, and staff, both past and present, we stand by you no matter what. Black Lives Matter.

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