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Nov 23, 2020

DaisyBill: A True GOAT in the Complex World of Workers' Compensation


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

DaisyBill employees received some special mail recently -- a plush goat, to be specific. The majority of the DaisyBill team works out of its Manhattan headquarters, and have since set up home offices in response to COVID-19 workplace restrictions. Jenny Liu, the Factotum of DaisyBill (best title ever) is one of three employees who already worked remotely; for Jenny, home and work are in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

“I might have it easier than my team in New York right now,” Jenny said. She explains how she has access to outdoor space and a yard, a welcome oasis that’s not as readily available for her friends and colleagues in dense city dwellings. And so, Jenny and DaisyBill are sending whimsical pick-me-up gifts, like the goat and care packages of the most popular office snacks, to boost people’s spirits.

While many businesses, including DaisyBill, face new challenges at this moment, the company has also forged deeper team connections as a result of the sudden workplace transformation. We caught up with Jenny to hear about DaisyBill’s growth and recruitment plans, how it fosters a deep passion for a niche industry not typically seen as “glamorous”, and, of course, where the whole goat thing fits in.

We’re a very loud frog in a very small pond.

- Jenny Liu, Factotum of DaisyBill

DaisyBill is a small-but-mighty, profitable, mission-focused company that serves those who care for ill or injured workers -- think doctors, translators, and medical offices. The company pioneered an innovative, data-driven service to help transform the complex workers’ compensation process, a space that’s typically full of rules, suspicions, and, until now, copious amounts of paperwork. The “incredibly glamorous” world of worker’s comp is “also incredibly administratively burdensome,” Jenny said.

DaisyBill offers a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions to help those who care for injured workers to get paid accurately, quickly, and without administrative burdens.

“We’re the authority in this niche. We present to regulators, our blog has a wide reach, as do our webinars,” Jenny said. DaisyBill is a cloud-based software for providers to electronically submit and manage workers’ compensation medical bills. Because it’s electronic, it’s also transparent. “We can help dispel the fog of suspicion around workers’ comp because we have the data and the numbers. We can tell who’s doing what, when, and how often,” Jenny said.

Until recently, the company did little to no advertising, gaining market share through word of mouth coupled with the company’s strength of reputation in the industry.

And now, DaisyBill stands poised for serious growth as it rolls out new products and expands to other states. “Our reputation in some states precedes our ability to work there. People want to sign up in states that we’re not yet set up in. We’re a scale-up, not a start-up,” Jenny said.

We can help dispel the fog of suspicion around workers’ comp because we have the data and the numbers. We can tell who’s doing what, when, and how often.

- Jenny Liu, the Factotum of DaisyBill


Seeking a Passionate, Open-Minded, and Ethical GOAT

This growth means that DaisyBill is turning to recruitment as it seeks a range of roles, including a product designer, graphic designer, engineer, customer success manager, integrations specialist, content writer, and additional account executives. “We have more work than people at this point,” Jenny said. It’s a good problem to have, and one that’s easily solved with the right hires.

“We look for culture fit. With a small company, even one that’s growing, it’s important that we like each other,” Jenny said. And here is where the goat comes back into play -- it’s not just a whimsical gift for employees (or Michael Jordan, arguably), it’s also the set of values DaisyBill seeks in its team:

  • G: Look for great people.
  • O: Open. Be curious and strive for diversity in thought, people, experience, and mindset.
  • A: Accountable. Seek people who take ownership of the work they’re doing and are accountable to themselves, the team, and the company, even when no one is looking.
  • T: Team-first. Believe in the extraordinary power of teamwork and collaboration, and find people who like to work together.

“We’re really passionate about people getting paid for doing what they do. Doctors should not be penalized for treating injured workers. A lot of our employees are similarly mission-driven. We attract people who want to work with real problems and solve real issues,” Jenny said.

Before COVID-19, DaisyBill’s downtown New York location was an integral part of the employee culture. But a new connection has since flowered as the team leads virtual stand-up meetings three times a week.

“We’re closer as a company because of these stand-ups. We’re more intentional about communicating, reaching out, and talking. The three of us who are remote have been drawn in even closer because everyone’s remote now. As we’ve all been locked down, we look forward to the stand-ups. It’s the most people we see in our week,” Jenny said.

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We’re closer as a company because of these stand-ups. We’re more intentional about communicating, reaching out, and talking.

- Jenny Liu, the Factotum of DaisyBill

Many medical offices are now exploring telehealth services amidst the pandemic, which can add confusion to the already complex worker’s comp process. As an authority in this space, DaisyBill is rapidly developing and sharing resources to help providers navigate new challenges, like worker’s comp e-billing.

While DaisyBill is using this time to serve its growing client list and plan for future growth and hiring, it also prioritizes human connection and levity. The team hosts virtual happy hours and is planning lightning question rounds, in which each employee is available for 30 minutes to answer fun, out-of-the-box questions from team members. And, of course, there’s sure to be more plush goat deliveries and other surprises coming soon to the team.


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