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Nov 23, 2020

Featured: Black Bamboo


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

Meet Black Bamboo!

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Growth agency Black Bamboo emphasizes a tagline of “Solving Forward”. The New York-based agency, composed of 12 people, focuses on the consumer goods space (think food and beverage, beer and spirits, personal care, and health and natural supplements) with a mission to help clients envision the world through a forward-looking lens.

We’re a small team and we’ve always had a family culture. We’re together because we enjoy being together.


Where are they based

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Downtown Manhattan, New York

The team is based just by Chelsea Market and a few blocks from the Hudson. 

Roles or disciplines they recruit for

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Black Bamboo focuses on insights, foresight, branding and innovation. They recruit for innovation strategists, brand strategists, insight and foresight specialists, and brand designers. 

Their team come from a mix of consultancies from brand to advertising.

Capabilities, methodologies or focus areas

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To help clients solve forward, Black Bamboo focuses on three core areas: insight and foresight, brand building, and innovation. Foresight is something they activate in all of their projects, identifying the macro forces in any given category and posing tough questions to their clients about the future of these categories

They help clients anticipate and innovate to get ahead of the curve and unlock growth before the market even knows it exists.

Their services range from insights/foresight (both qualitative and quantitative research), branding, and innovation. 

What they look for

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The agency seeks out a few key traits in its team. One is curiosity. Like the willingness to think out of the box. Not only just for analysis sake, but they want people who are thinking differently, that’s how they can help challenge thinking. They try to project how paradigms are likely to change and that requires an ability to think about a problem in a bit of an unorthodox way.

Another trait is a highly entrepreneurial mindset, which is also baked into Black Bamboo’s DNA, especially considering its team of 12 people. Junior people have an opportunity to learn faster than at a large organization because they’re given more responsibility up front but also with guidance. 

we want people who are thinking differently, that’s how we can help challenge thinking. We try to project how paradigms are likely to change and that requires an ability to think about a problem in a bit of an unorthodox way


Company culture, perks and benefits

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They're a small team and they've always had a family culture. They're together because they enjoy being together. But they're also a culture of intense dedication.

A unique thing about Black Bamboo is the way it approaches the traditional concept of professional development for its employees. They have a growth fund, which is a dedicated amount of money that every employee can spend toward a project or initiative they think will help them grow personally, whether that is professionally or as an individual. This might be learning a language, perfecting a skill, or investing in membership at a co-working space, especially as they think ahead to the workplace of the future. 

Interested in learning more about Black Bamboo?

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