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Nov 23, 2020

Featured: Part and Sum


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

Meet Part and Sum!

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Part and Sum is a digitally native innovation and strategy firm, with a unique, built-in growth team. The firm aligns data-driven insights with actionable strategies to help its clients with a simple yet substantial goal: to grow their business. Part and Sum doesn’t “swoop in”, leaving clients with lists of recommendations and no direction. Instead, it “bolts on” to the client, working in tandem to get specific about the big picture.

the whole reason to build a team and a business is because you have this collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom that is powerful. If you don’t tap into that, then what’s the point


Where are they based

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Part and Sum in based at Camp David, A creative co-working space in Industry City, Brooklyn.

Roles or disciplines they recruit for

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Part and Sum is ten people large, with two key teams: Every client engagement is composed of both technologists and strategists.

Technologists, for example, bring data skills to gain insights and “nerd out on models”, among other things.

The complementary role of the strategists is to help define and prioritize roadmaps. They hire for skills like design thinking, workshop facilitation and research.

Capabilities, methodologies or focus areas

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Their approach to consulting is a little different. Their processes are built on the idea that effective marketing strategy must be flexible and iterative. Strategy needs to live and breathe within the business, from software to the minds of creative teams. That’s why they use a process of testing, learning and evolving, set at a cadence that’s sustainable for their clients, so real-world market information can be incorporated as quickly and as often as possible.

Part and Sum offer services across brand strategy, user experience, marketing strategy, marketing technology and tools, and paid media and measurement. 






What they look for

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Everyone has such different backgrounds. Half of our team have owned and grown their own businesses; it’s a very entrepreneurial group. And close to 80 percent have been a team member at an early-stage start-up business.

They look for people who know how to wear a lot of hats, figure things out, and empathize with a variety of stakeholders and roles.

Everyone has such different backgrounds. Half of our team have owned and grown their own businesses; it’s a very entrepreneurial group


Company culture, perks and benefits

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The team is super collaborative and work really closely together on projects.

Part and Sum also offers quarterly profit sharing with team members as well as an equity program. They expect their team to be able to give good business advice. They want them to have skin in the game on their own business.

Interested in learning more about Part and Sum?

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