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Apr 19, 2023

WEBINAR: From Apply to Reply! Navigate the Design Application Process.


By Jared Tredly

Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class product designers.

From Apply to Reply!
Navigating the Design Application Process.


Check out the full webinar, below!



We gathered up a few of our Design Recruiting friends from companies such as Pinterest, Miro, Stripe, Peloton, N26, R/GA, Slack, Uber and Pandora to really Shine a light on what happens after you apply to a Design Position.

Do ATS’s matter? Is your work seen? Are you making simple “mistakes” making it difficult for your Application to be considered? How might you Cut through thew noise when there’s a lot of applicants? 

We’re going to discuss these questions with the actual people on the receiving side to truly understand How, What, Who and Why the application process might work the way it does for a Designer. You will come away from this event with real insight and information - empowering you to truly make the most of your Job search now and in the future. We’ll be covering all levels of skill and specifically focusing on the application process (we’ll cover the later stages of the interview process in future events).


Our Panelists:


🕐 April 18th 1:00pm ET | 📍 Online

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