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Mar 8, 2023

How Bamboo Crowd Helps our Clients Execute with Excellence


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.

Bamboo Crowd was founded on the principal that in order to scale your startup, achieve competitive advantage, discover growth opportunities, launch new products and services, or find the next horizon of innovation you need world-class talent.

Before we launched Bamboo Crowd, we looked around and saw a recruiting and staffing industry that was completely transactional. While most recruiting firms had some great recruiters within them, the broader culture and environment in which they sat was not set up with the right foundational principals or values to truly help their clients hire the right talent.

The recruiting industry as a whole has a poor reputation and most people, whether a client or a candidate has had at least one or more bad experiences. When we launched our mission wasn’t to change the ‘industry’. While changing perspectives is nice, it’s not important to us because we don’t see ourselves as a part of the broader recruiting agency ecosystem.

Our mission is more focused on helping our clients achieve their ambitions, build innovation capability, and find growth. While there are many reasons why a startup might fail or a value proposition might never get to market, the one factor we can make sure we impact is helping our clients to hire and develop the right talent. Our belief is that, in order to maximize your opportunity and growth potential, you need talent that can help you execute with excellence and that this is often the difference between success and failure.

Making the wrong hires doesn’t just impact performance, the ability to scale, to find product market fit, or growth. It impacts culture. It holds back innovation, creativity, idea generation. It also costs you time. Time you don’t have.

Bamboo Crowd has three operating pillars that allow us to deliver talent that can ‘execute with excellence’:


High-bar for Excellence.

  • Our team is consistently trained and developed both internally and externally by industry experts. We look to evolve their ability to spot exceptional talent. We also hire recruiters who as passionate, curious, comfortable in ambiguity, consultative, and focused on delivering amazing client and candidate experiences, which is why we have over 1000 recommendations across our team.
  • We spend hundreds of hours a week qualifying and vetting candidates. We do the due diligence so you don’t have to. When you receive a candidate from us we have spent time getting to know their backgrounds, experiences, and skills. We then do additional vetting against your open role and company culture. Most recruiters don’t go into this level of depth, which is why our conversion rate of candidates to interview is over 90%.
  • When we on-board new clients we seek to understand their goals, objectives, priorities, and longer term vision. This helps us to be more strategic when identifying new hires that can have a measurable impact.
  • Your competitors are reaching out and trying to engage the same, high-calibre talent as you. Finding the talent is not hard - what’s challenging is engaging and converting them through the funnel. We’re able to cut through the noise in two ways:
    • We know how to connect with the best people and actively headhunt, network, get referrals, and pick up the phone to highly targeted and in-demand talent.
    • Our Content Studio creates marketing and recruiting assets that pushes through the noise and creates engagement and conversion.


A focus on your return on investment.

  • Many companies focus on cost-per-hire as a metric and often this is born out of a belief that increased spend on recruitment doesn’t necessarily equate to higher quality-per-hire. From our experience we’ve seen organizations that apply a lot of focus on cost-per-hire not only miss out on better quality hires, but also fail to also consider their time as an input.
  • The average role takes 90-110 hours of time to fill. This does not include your teams time interviewing the wrong candidates.
  • Not only do we take all of the heavy lifting out but we also save you from speaking to the wrong candidates by doing all the upfront vetting. On average we source over 300 candidates per role, vet 50, and only send 6-10.
  • You are currently only seeing candidates that know you and are actively looking. We give you access to more coverage of the market that includes passive talent and people not looking at all. Our team is responsible for helping you to hire someone exceptional, not just the best person that came across your job ad. This all comes down to the opportunity cost of not using a recruiting partner and understanding that the investment you make in hiring will have significant ROI.


Client and Talent Experience focused on exceeding expectations.

  • We’re focused on creating collaborative partnerships that deliver value.
  • That means we help build your team with talent that can help you execute with excellence, that we seek to provide you with insights and feedback that you can apply to your talent and recruiting strategy, and that we help you to maintain an edge over your competitors.
  • We also invest in your employer brand by giving you access to our podcasts, content producers, copywriters, events, and partnership network that includes the top business, design, and engineering schools as well as alumni groups, and communities.



Recruiting is hard. It’s also expensive. Getting it wrong is even more expensive. Bamboo Crowd is committed to helping our clients save both money and time but we do this by increasing candidate quality and offering as much flexibility as we can to find a solution that works and creates a vested bond and partnership. Many of our clients have worked with us for multiple years. We’ve helped scale consultancies through to acquisition, startups to bigger raises, and corporates in launching profitable and high-growth ventures.

If you’re interested in what we can do, get in touch. We’d love to walk you through our proposition, how and why we’re different, and what we’ve been able to deliver to other organizations.

We’re proud to have over 1000 recommendations across our team and we’re privileged to have helped many organizations from seed to Fortune 500 Execute with Excellence.


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